SableAssent Coin Corporation FAQ's

What is the Sable Coin Use Case or pegging mean?

The function of sable coin is designed to work within the SAC Wallet as the global medium of exchange for the Black owned business and nonprofits in the ecosystem. With the liquidity of Sable Coin for cash in 170 countries our community has a medium of exchange that can be earned, traded, exchanged, purchased and saved for all products and services. The pegging is alongside all services and products to include but not limited to , Realestate, Minerals, Agriculture,Education,technology, healthcare,transportation,all services and Human capital. This coin positions the black economy to thrive worldwide through the SAC Wallet to connect communities to build wealth to eliminate poverty.

How are the coins made? 


Sable Coins are made in two ways. Pre-minted and Mined or using the computing power of the hardware to solve equations and receive a reward. Pre-Minted Sable Coins use a ERC-20 protocol from the smart contract on Ethereum. The limit of 1 Billion will provide a 400 year supply.