Why Purchase Sable Coin

Support Your Community

Sable Coin is the World's First and only Digital Token dedicated to the growth of the Global Black Community. Owning these tokens will ensure access to the Global network and can be purchased, earned, traded and sold around the world. The SAC1 token is the key to uniting the Global Black community and ensuring prosperity for the black community for generations to come. Our new digital token will provide an avenue to support communities that are being neglected by failed current government programs. Our tokens are designed to circulate amongst 1.5 billion Black people around the world.


Own Your Own Money
There is one way to own your currency where the account is owned by you. You have total control of your money when you own Cryptocurrency. When your money is in the bank you don't have 100% control. 


International Transactions
Cryptocurrency is not bound by exchange rates, interest rates, or transaction charges anywhere in the world. Using cryptocurrency will save you lots of time and money.