Black  Business  Owners

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Black Businesses need every competitive edge to create success and stay successful. Digital Currency could be that edge to take your business over the top. By adding digital currency it removes a lot of issues that business owners have to deal with 

Business Liability
Last year businesses lost millions with Identity Theft. When a client gives their credit card to a merchant, they are not just giving them the card number, they are giving the business the information it took to create the credit card. Your name, social security, date of birth, address, and driver’s license number. By using cryptocurrency transactions it eliminates identity theft because clients are not transacting with personal information.  

Establishing A Global Business
When business owners add cryptocurrency, your business can market to businesses and individuals around the world. There are no borders when it comes to cryptocurrency. There are individuals and businesses that exclusively deal in in cryptocurrency. Why wouldn’t accept cryptocurrency in your place of business? It will add value to your business to have another payment option.   

Processing Fees 
Merchant fees can cost businesses anywhere from 2 – 6% on transactions. That drastically affects your bottom line. Some businesses have minimum purchase amounts to cover the cost of merchant fees. Since there is no third party (banks, merchants, gateway processors) It almost cost nothing for your customers to transfer the funds to you. 

The key is  building our black economy. Your success is our success, so consumers are looking to support black owned businesses and some plan to only utilize SAC1 as their only currency.