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Sable Assent Coin ( SAC1 ) Now Available For Purchase @ ( US Customers ) & ( African & Asian Customers)

Our Mission

Sable Assent is a decentralized global ecosystem for consumers, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our intention is to rebuild economies to create global prosperity.

Who are we
Your Currency

The Sable Coin is used as a medium of exchange in our global ecosystem. The Sable Coin can be purchased by anyone around the world by using our website or participating exchanges. Purchase your SAC1 currency today and join the Global Mission of Sable Assent.

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Your Wallet

The Sable Coin active wallet embraces and support consumers, businesses and non-profits globally. This provides residual resources to non-profits and allows consumers to exchange and transact. The SAC1 Debit Card provides liquidity for Sable Coin in 170 counties around the world. Down load your wallet today and start transacting with your “SAC1” Wallet.

Your Global Ecosystem

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Sable Coin

The signature cryptocurrency adopted by Sable Assent is the Sable Coin (SAC1). SAC1 is designed to circulate in an ecosystem of consumers, businesses and non-profits. Sable Assent’s mission is to create cross border transactions in a Global Economy by implementing our systems to create currency circulation of our Sable Coin.

The Sable Coin provides a medium of exchange for the products and services of Business owners around the world. Owners of Sable Coin can donate to their favorite non-profit in their SAC1 Wallet.

We also actively engage with communities and villages throughout the world that are seeking economic stability and could take pride in a currency that they can call their own.

A currency designed for the Global African Diaspora
Sable Coin is traded as ( SAC1 ) and can be purchased @

US Customers


African, Asian, & 

South American Customers


European & Asian


SAC Wallet

This application will be available on android and IoS devices and will allow for the Sable Coin to be purchased, traded peer to peer for products and services.  You can also donate Sable Coin to your local or favorite non-profit listed the app. This provides residual resources to non-profits and allows consumers to exchange and transact.

A consumer, business or non-profit can refer friends and family and receive Sable Coins as a reward.


Our goal is to create a global ecosystem of consumers, black owned businesses and non-profits to build a new digital economy.

Down load your wallet today and start transacting with “SAC1.”

A Digital Wallet designed for the African Diaspora
Join the SableAssent mission by connecting consumers, black owned businesses, and non profits globally.  
How it works

The Need for Crypto-Currency

1. Transactions are secure & do not incur banking fees.

2. Countries around the globe are looking for ways to stabilize their economy. Crypto can be a solution.

3. Crypto transactions are can be conducted on a peer-to-peer basis.

4.  Crypto-Currency promises user autonomy because its price is not linked to specific government policies. This means that users and owners of the cryptocurrency are in control of their money.

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Sable Coin ( SAC1 )
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SableAssent is a global platform designed for businesses. Register your business today and join our global mission today.

Welcome Home!

Register your business or non profit today and join our Sable Community
Sable Coin is available on and
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